Army lieutenant suing police for excessive force (Vid)

I dunno.

Seems like cop was immediately angry and agitated.

Younger cop seemed like he was trying to calm things down, but the body-cam cop kept telling him to step back and escalated things.

Yes, dude should have pulled over sooner and got out of the vehicle, but cop went full-retard…

The dog probably doesn’t need medical attention, if he did most agencies have on call vets. In my jurisdiction we would treat the dog like a child and attempt to get a family member to come get it.

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I agree, there is alot missing though

Felony traffic stop. What does that mean?

Why not say why he is being detained? JUST LISTEN TO ME BLINDLY! The cop in view looked shook and seemed to feel bad about what was happening near the end.

They were not expecting it to be an army officer in uniform with his dog. They were hoping for a more disreputable driver.

According to the youtube commentary (who knows if that’s accurate) the driver drove for over a mile before pulling over.

animal control comes out and picks them up. They treat them pretty good.

He was on a rural highway if he was in WIndsor for a mile. He’s allowed to go to a well lit public area.

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Two dumbasses meet a dumbass in the middle of the night.


LOL. as good as do a hand stand and juggle oranges with your feet.

also that directly pointing a gun at someones head is verboten, especially since his hands are in sight.

There is a famous case about that. Must be careful

Source for “…allowed to drive to a well lit public area.”?

Yeah. I’ve gotten the exact opposite. I got pulled over on the highway, gave him a little wave, slowed down, took the first exit and immediately pulled into a parking lot and the cop gave me a TON of shit about it. I told him I was just trying to do him a favour so he doesn’t get side swiped. He got all crazy and said that I could be leading him into an ambush :roll_eyes: and next time to pull over IMMEDIATELY on the side of the highway.

I’m infuriated by this video. Sure he should’ve complied better but it seemed to be escalated from the start for a traffic stop. I’m normally pro police but law abiding citizens shouldn’t be treated like a criminal. The one cop is a psychopath

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That’s why context is important.

Standard car stop does not usually involve multiple officers, guns would not be drawn and the subject wouldn’t be ordered out of the vehicle at gun point.

Please site case, I’ve never seen it, but I have been retired since 2015

Documents from the lawsuit claim officers Joe Gutierrez and Daniel Crocker (the defendants) pulled over a newly-bought SUV for not having a rear license plate on December 5, 2020.

Ah well that would explain the felony stop. Well then he should have just got the fuck out.

Always awesome to witness the collective experience of the OG. Don’t know shit about the facts, never done the work (not you mongo) but lemme give you my opinion. You know, I bet a citizen’s advisory committee would do a great job. It’s just what’s needed.