Army of the Dead - news about the prequel, sequel



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That movie sucked


Yep. Very weak movie.

I can’t imagine it built up any type of following…

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If Snyder had done it in the world of his dawn of the dead movie it could have been good.

Although some of the characters were insufferable at least he killed them.

Like that chick who killed the security guard because he was a bit mean to women, like that’s a good enough reason to leave him out for the zombies.

Also the smart zombies are just a stupid idea. They don’t need to be to be an existential threat as long as they’re the fast ones like dawn of the dead.

Meh I’m probably overthinking it…

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How is Synder’s Dawn of the Dead? Is it worth tracking down?

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Exactly what I came here to say. Word for word.

They had smart zombies in I Am Legend, a movie that also sucked, except for the fact that it showed mRNA vaccines depopulated the Earth.

Snyder sucks balls with his slo mo BS. He ruined a rare zombie movie with unlimited budget.

What’s frustrating is with weak media like this, the WWZ movie, Resident Evil and all the crappy walking dead stuff the medium gets so watered down that audiences don’t gaf about zombies anymore because the shows and movies are dumb so the studios will pass on good shit. Zombies are by far the best and most compelling horror movie theme IMO but also the most common misstep. Somehow most of the films get the tone completely wrong and want to turn the story into the real villain being man or they want to put some stupid twist on the zombies. There is so much good uncharted story telling with Romero style zombies it’s crazy.

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Zombieland and Zombieland Double Tap were good movies.

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It depends what kind of zombie movies you like really. If you’re into the original old Romero ones with slow zombies and poor effects then you might not like it.

It’s a bit like a cross between 28 days later and the first few episodes of the walking dead when it was decent. Ving Rames is great in it.

Anyone who likes good zombie movies acknowledges the DOTD remake is an overall excellent film