Army Of The Dead

Taking Bautista seriously as an action star after
A) His utterly libtarded political stances and

B) seeing him barely able to compete with the fattest least athletic person I have ever seen in a shitty MMA match

He is the definition of a poser and a pussy.

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I like when it’s violent it’s really violent. The first kill when the army dude gets his bottom jaw ripped off. Then the stupid tiger that bites the guys face/skull in half. It’s not just a clean powerful bite. The tiger had to chew through skull bone.


One thing I like about most zombie movies is that zombies decay. They eat others but can never sustain themselves. The idea that they come back to life if it rains was kind of dumb. They are not like sponges.

So what sustains the Alphas? What is their fuel source? Do they eat food? if so, what? They got ripped by eating what?

It’s a kitschy zombie movie like most these days.
They aren’t movies about zombies.
They’re movies about zombie movies.
And whatever the genre, when the movie is about the genre rather than the subject matter it’s always an exercise in Hollywood narcissism.

1/2 a star


Wow I just read about it all. I guess Tig Notoro has never even met Bautista, it was all done with green screens and CGI. I felt like a lot of scenes were blurry , makes sense now.

Did Chris D’elia ever get charged with anything? I’m not a fan of the guy and barely know who he is, but seems rather serious to remove him from a movie that spent 90 million on production.


I read they already filmed a prequel to this movie. It’s going to give more insight and backstory to the characters. Going to show more of how it all started. Supposedly there is a time lapse angle with the safe. Some zombies were actually part robot. Etc


Good movie! I like zombie flicks, I like cute girls, and I like violence in movies.

Heck yeah!