Arnold 2004 Videos. How to get???

I am not very pleased with the fact that I have to wait to watch MY own matches on tape. But Cooper said that we could buy our matches on the internet for $20. When and where?


Every year the Arnold's turn out to be a disaster, but you people still fork over your money and bend over and take it.

If this year doesn't convince you otherwise then you deserve to be screwed.

Same thing every year. Favoritism, long waits, money grubbing, when will people learn?

Seriously guys, support the events that are actually good for grappling like NAGA.

People, the only limits they put on taping was for the PRO divisions.

I didn't see any video cameras around when purple or blue belts where going! Only when Black and Browns were going!

I saw cameras everywhere, I guess some people are really sneaky??