Arnold Classic

It's that time of year again-who's going?

Surport Dustin Wares event the same day in the same are.

Tohey Hill is out to take your money, then have his karate guys ref the matches like last year.

had to look at it. i saw that they had competion breaker. i assumed this was break dancing.
its for breaking boards..damn im old

I heard its a real bad tournament now. Phone Post

Randy Bloom - Surport Dustin Wares event the same day in the same are.

Tohey Hill is out to take your money, then have his karate guys ref the matches like last year.

 2nded.  Dustin Ware is a BJJ black belt who actually cares about the sport.  It would be cool to see his event grow.

I remember competing there in the 90's when Tokey Hill ran it the first time. Then it got much better when Relson took over(except for a lot of time/scheduling problems) & brought the perstige of winning the event way up. Then, when NAGA took over for a year it was really top notch, IMO. It's a shame to see how far it's fallen in such a short time.

It was always fun to hear all the bitchen,from the same guys,about the same thing, year after year,but we just kept coming back & plunking down our money.Thank God there are now more than 2 events in the state per year. Back then it was pretty much the Relson Gracie Nationals in October & the Arnold Classic(Gracie Worlds)in March.

It's good to see that Dustin has expanded his horizons.Best of luck Dustin.

In the old days it was the best BJJ gi/no gi tournament around. The best blue belt I ever saw was Phil Cardela and that was when everyone was blue except the guys from the US Gracie Acadamy/Brazil.

Thank you Randy & Andrew!

yes, we are running an event the same day...and from the news we have been hearing, we fully expect to have the support of just about every school in the region.

We (Ohio Grappling Challenge) are going to do everything we can to give the competitors the quality event they have deserved for years now!

You can find more info on a post titled " OGC present: The Midwest Open"

Or find us on Facebook (Ohio grappling challenge).

I will post a link in the morning.


the arnolds have been so bad the last few years. our team would only go to dustin's for sure! Dustin runs a great tourney!

chris blanke RJJA

 Here is the link to our Facebook page regarding out BIG event we are doing on March 3rd in Columbus (arnold's weekend):

We really want to send a message...and I know with the UG's help...we can!

Thanks Chris...BTW, send me down a Black Belt for my 8-man on the 3rd...$1000 bro :-)

I have respect for Dustin Ware and Randy Bloom is a very good friend of mine, even though I have not returned his calls in past few days.

However, for those of you who don't know me, which is probably a lot around the country, but my name is Brett Boyce. I own a company called World Grappling Circuit. I have been running tournaments for 4 years now and I have done shows all over the country. The Arnold Show has contracted me to run the BJJ/Grappling tournament this year.

I can not speak for the past, all I can do is speak for the future of The Arnolds as long as I am contracted to do it.

I run a very efficient and fun show. This year, the expert division will be an ADCC official event. Winners of those divisions will get free entry into the North American Championships. The World Federation is flying their head referee from Abu Dhabi just to train refs.

I know a lot of people are upset about how things have been run, hopefully this year changes that. For those who do know me, I hope to be the guy to do it. Check out our registration at

I wish Dustin Ware the best and I really wish I did not have to compete with his show, however, I was hired to do a job and I will do it to the best of my ability. A lot more to come.

Brett Boyce

Haven't several different promoters been offered this same event, only to run screaming over the years?

Very well may be. Once again, Can not speak for what has happened, just can speak about my intentions and my abilities. I intend on running the best show I can and I have proven to run very good shows in the past like Europa Dallas 2011 that had close to 900 competitors. I hope people will give me the opportunity to prove myself at the Arnolds.

Brett Boyce


Mr Boyce,
I hope you succeed, and wish you the best. My team and it's competitors, as well as my area schools will be attending Dustins event this year however. I KNOW Dustin puts on phenominal events with great competition. Unfortunately, due to the last few years and the joke the Arnolds had become, it will take some doing from you to convince people to return. It was poorly run, overly expensive (by far), divisions were horrid, ranks were mixed, competition was lousy, and the refs had no idea what they were doing.
I REALLY hope the arnold gets back to what it was, as we will still stop by on Sun to check out the actual expo. Good luck.

Dustin and his events are awesome, I can speak from experience. The World Grappling Circuit events that I have experienced in Texas are awesome as well. I went through the horror of the Arnold's years ago and can understand why people would be very dubious. But I would be very surprised if the reviews this year are anything other than positive for this WGC event. It is fantastic that you guys have these two organizations running events in your area, just sucks they are on the same weekend. Phone Post

benzobrace - It's that time of year again-who's going?

Lol @ benzobrace. It's been, what?....13 years and this joke never gets old :) we were so hopeful and naive back then. Ahhh, youth. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. Phone Post