Arnold Gracie 2004 DVD Release

The Arnold Gracie World Submission Fighting Championships 2004 will be release May 8th. More information will be available at and

Do you know what matches will be on the DVD? And will my "standing Submission" from the Purple Belt Gi Division be on there???

I hope so!

Talk to you later John!

Dustin Ware


It's only the PRO No-Gi Divisions (men & women) and the Men's Blackbelt Pro.

are they gonna edit out all the mis ref calls??

It's been edited to fit your screen.


I was mistaken, it is Mens Pro No-Gi only. It is nearly 4 hours in length.


Jason, where you been? Are you going to EC on the 7th of May?


Are you going to have these for sale at your event in Ohio on May 8th?

Any info on the tape of the competition they told us they will sell our matches?

how much




that was quick!

We also have Bad Breed 7, FFC 7 and FFC 8, EC 56, and several others in the next 30-days.

ttt for great DVD's!!