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If John Pack is reading this...I see Monson/Pe De Pano but doesn't it inlcude "the good stuff" :)


What's included on the DVD?

more details please

If you click on the pic at the store you should be able to read what's on it.

what about the ones who had matches and were promised our own matches?

Some, not all.

The Arnold Gracie World Submission Championships 2004 (www.gracieworlds.com) from Columbus, Ohio. This is the biggest Gracie submission tournament in the World and part of the Arnold Fitness Weekend / Arnold Classic (www.arnoldclassic.com) for the past four years, it has continued to grow. The tournament features top Jui-Jitsu and submission athletes from around the world.


Men's Pro No-Gi 195 lbs. and Up.
Alan Shebaro vs. Dustin Ware
Don Richard vs. Leonel Perez
Wade Rome vs. Terry Martin
Petrus Walker vs. Rickardo Miglicress
George Pardos vs. Victor Huber
Michael Rethmeyer vs. Jeff Monson
Alan Shebaro vs. Pe De Pono
Leonel Perez vs. Wade Rome
Petrus Walker vs. Victor Huber
Pe De Pano vs. Wade Rome
Victor Huber vs. Jeff Monson
Pe De Pano vs. Jeff Monson  

Men's Pro No-GI 165lbs -195lbs 

Henry Matamoros vs Nakapan Phungophon
Rafael Lovoato vs Mauro Sergio
Rick MaCauley vs Leo Dalla
Todd Margolis vs Tyrone Gooden
Thiaago Goncalves vs Steve Hordenski
Shonie Carter vs David Vannest
J.D. Shelley vs Ryan Staout
Alexandre Ribeiro vs Tim Dunlap
Moazya Omena vs Nakapan Phungophon
Rafael Lovoato vs Leo Dalla
Todd Margolis vs Steve Hordenski
Shonie Carter vs J.D. Shelley
Todd Margolis vs Alexandre Ribeiro
Shonie Carter vs Alexandre Ribeiro
Alexandre Ribeiro vs Leo Dalla

Men's Pro No-Gi 164lbs. and Under 

Diego Saraiva vs. Marcelo Garcia
Phil Cardella vs. Pedro Brandao
Phil Cardella vs. Edson Diniz
Wagnner Fabiano vs. Jason Coomer
Francisco Soares vs. Cabelinito
Shawn Williams vs. Jack McVicker
Shawn Williams vs. Daniel Moreas
Wagnner Fabiano vs. Francisco Soares
Marcelo Garcia vs. Edson Diniz
Wagnner Fabiano vs. Daniel Moreas
Marcelo Garcia vs. Wagnner Fabiano  

Women's Pro No-Gi 135lbs. and Under 
Jessica Ross vs. Caryn May
Gamze Spkrugil vs. Christh Tomas
Jessica Ross vs. Gamze Spkrugil
Katy Freye vs. Maribel Vega
Nese Yarici vs. Lawrence Cousin
Mariana Coelho vs. Maribel Vega
Mariana Coelho vs. Lawrence Cousin  

Men's Black Belt Professional 
Renato Tabares vs. Pedro Brandao
Andrea Soares vs. Diego Saraiva
Diego Saraiva vs. Jack McVicker
Pedro Brandao vs. Jack McVicker