Arnold results

Lavto jr. beat Rick M. in the brown belt pro.Lionel perez also won to split the cash with my bro Kendall who won the super heavies beating a ATT guy in his final.

Thats all I heard so far.


Lionel Perez is such an underrated badass

did you see some of the kids! wow!


ttt for Lionel Perez. Way to go bro!!!!!



ttt For THE worlds most held back brown belt and ! 2x world champ K.GOO Another gold for the shelf.

Jay Cutler 3x's in a row

Jay cutler cant even wipe his own ass lol.


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Pro No gi-

Alexandre just won.

Lionel won 1st match

marcello G. won 1st match

Steve Hordinski wins 1st match

And no surprise here but Pe De Pano (big dick head in portugese) Couldnt tap the guy or might have tapped him anyways he resorted to forearming the guys face, busting his lip bad enough where the poor guy was out of the no-gi division. He was still awarded $1000 for pe de Pano's illegal tactics.

Oh and some white belt coulnt tap the fat white belt for the $3000(made him limp off the mat tho.

Just talked to my bro who gave me the update.

"Oh and some white belt coulnt tap the fat white belt for the $3000(made him limp off the mat tho. "

It was a purple belt who couldnt tap the fat white belt.

a purple... that's pretty good

Xande vs. Margolis in I think what is the final

Monson vs. Pe de Pano 2 in the final(I hope monson smashes him)

Marcello G. choked out Edson (not sure if that was a final)

Hordinski got tapped by I think margolis(not 100%)

Lionel P. lost as well.