Arnold San Shou?????

I called the guy and he said you bring your own equipment. Is that true? Isn't there an equipment check? $65 to fight and you have to supply everything?

WTF???? Can someone tell me it's better than years past?

I always brought my own equipment but you might be able to borrow it from someone. Scott Sheeley is the one that runs it he might be on here at some time.

I'd be shocked it Scott was doing it this year, considering the history of this event. In a nut shell, while they are happy to take everyone's money, the San Da people have always gotten the shaft. Coaches had to pay to get in, no warm up areas, they stopped the competition a few years to do dumb demos in the middle of the day, they play blarring music next to the ring for the forms and breaking people, etc etc


I wrote this after the first Arnold thing

Even after that I went back TWICE MORE... situation only seemed to get worse?

If you go, good luck, but past experiences have been bad for most people

In 2004, it was poorly run. Lots of distractins near the rings (music, demonstrations, and an appearance by Arnold interrupted the San Da). It was also very crowded. But, there were some very good fights. I would go for it, but be prepared for some major frustrations if they have not cleaned up their act.

I think you meant 2005 SamboSteve, weren't you there for when they did the amateur MMA for the first time? I went in 2003, 2004 and 2005, that was the final time I went,

It's sad to see the lack of ignorance and respect for sanshou in the US. Sanshou in Australia is even worse. They have totally ignored it until this year. Pressured by NZ, a new kind president of our state organisation, they have now recently managed two exhibition matches and put together a working group to try and promote it. Since I'm the only athlete they know that has competed in it, I'm in the working group, lol.

I was there in 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005. You will have to deal with some crap but it is worth it in the long run. But I've delt with crap in almost ever event I've been in from other Sanda tournaments to Judo and even MMA. It is just something you have to put up with being a competitor. Frankly there just isn't any competitions in the mid west and the Arnold is the biggest one. Otherwise, you have to go to one of the coast to compete and that will cost you an arm and a leg. However, Scott Sheeley does a great job at running the event considering everything.

Yep, my bad...I was there in 05.

Dont waste your time! The competion has always been good.Ive seen alot of great fighters come threw the arnolds at one time we Had guys from Cung le,David Ross, Mike Altman,Jason Yee,Brad Burrick,Plus alot of other gyms plus international teams. its to bad each year it gets worse and worse the main guys in charge seem to worry more about the money and spectators than the fighters. Choi, Jeff Neyears,and the worst Tokey Hill! the guys a joke all about the money.(If any of you see him make sure to relay the message)if you dont believe ask the guys at Combat Sports. Im thinking of compiling a shit list of promotors.Right now for sanshou a guy call me that Tokey ask to do it. He's never done sanshou doesnt have a school, he asked me what he should do.I told him figure it out. I used to take 30-40 fighters to the Arnolds we will be there but competing in NAGA! It sucks sanshou used to be huge.oh well MMA baby! I am thinking of doing a once a year Tournament in Ohio for sanshou to try and get things back on track I get a ton of phone calls asking when the next fights are Oh well thats my side of it.I wouldnt waste your money on the sanshou.
If for some reason things ever get turned around and I do decide to do it again (Alot of changes in writing) Ill let you know.

I originally wrote

"I'd be shocked it Scott was doing it this year, considering the history of this event" -

I guess I was right! LOL :)

But Scott is right, San Shou/San Da was HUGE and that's why they wanted it. They made over $9000 one year just off the San Da. But that's what they are about, GREED. Choi had me PAY to enter teh event, and that's after I had 14 guys registered, helped ref and judge!!!! That was the final straw

I told you Scott, do your OWN tournament, but give us some heads up man! wE'RE THERE

As much as I love san shou I've given up hope for it. We spar in sanda format alot in the gym to practice standup striking with takedowns/throws but when it comes to competing the guys prefer MMA 10 out of 10 times. "Coach why the hell would I want to let him get back to his feet if I was able to take him down and land in a good position?" and the longer I train MMA the more I agree..

NJ just sanctioned the first professional San Da matches in Atlantic City and teh pay was VERY GOOD... better than a lot of MMA slots. There are opportunities in Asia, both San Da and similar formats. Some stuff has set the sport back a little, more just frozen it, but I think 2007 will be the year it steps back up into the spotlight

IE more details to come

I think the mentality of trying to stay on your feet is an age old mentality coming from a self defence point of view. There's a place for both thinking. Obviously for a one on one mma combat sports type environment following up the fight on the ground is logical but maybe not suitable if you were a security guard hired to protect trade caravans in China? No one would argue against the logic why Mongolian wrestling don't have groundwork. Its culture and they wrestle on open dirt environment. Cultural and environment context led the rules to evolved that way.

Who's doing the mma at the Arnolds this year? I was going to go and do
San Shou but after reading this I'll probably just do the mma.

If I remember correctly people were saying 'Don't do the mma because the
Gracie's are running it" about the Arnold's last year.

Thanks for anyone with info (including the dates)

I dont think their doing MMA at the Arnolds. I know theres grappling(NAGA)I think sanshou will make a comeback for the simple reason alot of people are doing MMA and like to compete in different styles to try and improve their overall game.Look at the guys that do MMA - that Box, Submission grapple, I have alot of guys From Gurgels gyms that are dying to do some sanshou fights. Im deffinatly going to be doing a sanshou tournament just need to make it about the fighters and not the $$$$. I definatly encourage peolple to do sanshou. I dont think the Arnolds is a good place anymore.

Scott, set up an event and we are there....

October we are doing teh USKBA event in Wildwood NJ, at battle at the boardwalk, we always have over 40 something competitors at the USKBA san da event, and with it being part of the larger tournament, should be a good year


In 05 they had MMA and it was very well run, but I don't think they have been doing it since. You may want to check out the ISCF Amateur MMA tournament in Iowa this is not an open tourny though. First 8 pre-registrants in each division only...with 2 alternates. Some of the divisions are full already so if yours is open, you have to register fast.

We will be out there this year.

Thanks SamboSteve. My weight class is already filled up.

I've dealt with poorly run tournaments before so maybe I'll suck it up and
do San Shou at the Arnolds. As long as there's a decent amount of
competitors. If I can get 2 or 3 fights it could be worth it but if there's
only 1 guy and he's better off in b division, then I'd be pretty pissed.

Speaking of Scott's events. I had a student compete this month in Scott's Iron Tiger Challenge, a sanshou/MMA card and it was a very good event.

The ISCF event looks very promising, and darn it filled up FAST! We have a heavyweight registered but the NJACB seems to have made some sort of mistake, he got stopped with an arm bar and they put him on 90 day restriciton... it will probably get worked out, I head the doc was working an event for the first time

In 05 the Arnold MMA event was done by the Jorge Gurgel people and they were GREAT! I would have loved to see them continue to do it but politics got in the way and others were put in charge. So now we have the ISCF event and probably USKBA amateur MMA tournamnet at the event in Wildwood NJ in Oct 07