Arnold Schwarzenegger vs. Sylvester Stallone

This answers the question.

Rat King - Shit thread Kirik freeze this mess Phone Post 3.0
I say they just team up and destroy everyone. But Stallone is the Leader Phone Post 3.0

Dont know why i quoted you? Phone Post 3.0

wigwam -
IDOHARM - Stallone wins, handily. The dude did five boxing films and trained for all of them, Arnold wouldn't hold a candle to that. Phone Post 3.0
This is the truth Phone Post 3.0
Except that arnie is significantly bigger than Stallone.

Size matters Phone Post 3.0

ahnold will midget toss sly

Arnold defeated the f***ng Predator, what kind of question is that?

Arnold was fucking this,

While Stallone was fucking this,

Stallone wins.

Also, Arnold is very charismatic, but that's it. Stallone has a wider range and roles. Has Arnold ever done a sports movie? No. Stallone has done Rocky and Over the Top. Stallone has also done Drama and comedy, on his own, while Arnold always needed a supporting actor who was funnier and drove the movie (DeVito).

arnold, 6' 2"  . Stallone 5' 6" ?

Here is a hilarious interview on jimmy fallon about their rivalry. Phone Post 3.0

Arnold was mr Olympia 7 or so times all those power farts would knock Stallone on his arse and remember Arnold ko'ed a horse Phone Post 3.0

I have been near them both and Stallone is tiny.


Sorry my bad Sarah Jessica Parker is not a good example Phone Post 3.0

I think Stallone vs JCVD would be the better matchup. Or JCVD vs Arnold. Or introduce Wesley Snipes into the mix against anybody. Blade would devour everyone. Terminator and Blade would go at it. Phone Post 3.0

Should be a battle Stallone vs Tom Cruise's shoes.  Who's shoe cost more and has more engineering into it.

Arnold trained under team beast in the jungle Phone Post 3.0

Gotta go with The Italian Stallion in this one. Sly just seems more like he might be a legitimate tough guy, to me.

A 5,2 160 pound guy vs a 6,2 240 pound guy?

Yeah tough decision

Terminator and the dude who beat predator vs the guy that got his ass whooped by mr t??? Phone Post 3.0

Akston - Terminator and the dude who beat predator vs the guy that got his ass whooped by mr t??? Phone Post 3.0
i pity the fool

john matrix kills them all in a 15 minute long assault rifle, bazooka, and previously set C4 battle... where he takes zero damage Phone Post 3.0

Looking back, Arnold strikes me as not particularly athletic.