Arnolds!! WOW Read this!

Man evertime i turn around i hear about another brazilian going to
fight in the arnolds!  This is great!  I can't wait to watch this event
Daniel Moraes was training his ass off with Darrel Gholar "I am
ready for the wreslters!".  He looks strong!  He is also bring his 18
year old brother who is already a world champion. 

Nasal is coming from BTT.  He is one tough SOB.  He has been
fighitng everywhere. He looks strong too.

Pe de Pano! 

There is another rummor that shounds so yumi.  An Abu Dhabi
champ might be fighting there.  He is my favorite arm dragging
fighter right now.

There is a shoot champ that is rummored to be coming.  A guy
who was just in pride.  A gracie out of nor cal maybe?

There is just too much going on these days.  I got to get back to
the USA and get this stuff verified.

Help me out who is coming?  and who wants to party!

Let me know!


Chris Brenon is comfirmed!
Marcelinho Garcia!!! Holly Crap!!

Who else??


3 t's

Hope to meet some of you people there.See ya real soon.