Arona vs Gracie is the official superfight at ADCC this year. Great choice, Undefeated Superfight champ vs 2 division Champion from the last Championships.

Awesome match-up

Roger? Good matchup.

yeah, Roger won his weight and the Absolute last time around. (All matches by submission...8 in total)

Fantastic matchup.

I'll have to go with Arona by points.

Roger on points


Gracie in a somewhat one-sided match.

Roger by sub if he can get on his back. Otherwise, Arona by points. Rooting for Roger!!!

LOL, arona will put roger on his back. no problem

I fear that Roger will pull guard immediately and we'll treated to 10 minutes of fighting for posture with no points, with Arona winning by advantage.

I hope not, but that is what I foresee happening.

Shadallion, unfortunately that's probably how it will go :(

Arona a beast in top position and has the best takedowns in bjj imo.

Roger By sub late.