Only logical person to replace Vitor.

Arona is still a top contendor.

Arona would tool Couture!

I would DARE Randy to "clinch" with him...........

I'm a huge Randy fan, but I'd have to go with Arona in that one.

Arona and Vitor are good friends

won't happen


Arona = Yawn.

"Arona and Vitor are good friends. Won't happen"

WTF has that got to do with it?

If anything, it should draw Vitors support and make him very happy.........

From: DowntownMB
Date: 11-Jan-04 01:38 PM
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Only logical person to replace Vitor.

-it has a lot to do with that

it has nothing to do with Randy vs. Arona.


Arona has good takedowns, but you guys are high if you think he'd be able to take Randy down.

Arona's takedowns are on par with Tito's we saw how well he did taking Randy down...

I think this would be a good fight .

Arona would beat Randy in sport BJJ (both wearing a gi).

Never under estimate The Natural.

You guys are insane to think that Arona could beat Randy.. Granted in this sport, anyone can win at any time but this is why I think you are Crazy....
Arona was getting Manhandled by Guy Mezger. Arona only was dominant in the overtime round due to Guy's being extremely gassed, but before that it was literally all guy.. Arona before that never got him to the ground. Tito Never took Randy to the ground, just a reversal here or there.. Same as Chuck,, Never took Randy to the ground, just reversing him...

Didn't Arona have a tough time against Dan Henderson? If so Randy is a bigger heavier version of Dan, so I'd go with Randy on this one.