Arrest made-fight fix D.L.Hoya/Mos


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Top Boxing Promoter In Trouble
Arum says he's done nothing wrong, will cooperate in probe
By TIM DAHLBERG, AP Boxing Writer

January 9, 2004 LAS VEGAS (AP) Boxing promoter Bob Arum (Right) issued a statement Friday saying he has done nothing wrong and is cooperating with federal investigators who raided his company's offices earlier in the week. Arum returned from an overseas vacation amid intense speculation in the boxing industry over the reason FBI agents seized computers and financial records from the Las Vegas offices of his Top Rank company in a Tuesday night raid.Arum declined to answer questions. In his statement, he said he does not know the scope of the government's investigation but is "lawfully cooperating with that investigation.''

He said he would not respond to published reports that linked the probe to a variety of misconduct, including the fixing of a September fight between Oscar De La Hoya and Shane Mosley.

"Top Rank will not comment on or respond to the rumors, speculation and unverified allegations appearing in the media,'' Arum said in his statement. "Top Rank will continue to focus on its business of promoting its boxers and fighters and appreciates all the support it has received from the boxing industry.''

Some of that support came from Nevada's top boxing regulator, who said a suggestion that the De La Hoya-Mosley fight was somehow fixed was ridiculous. "It makes absolutely no sense. It would be nonsensical for him to do such a thing,'' said Marc Ratner, executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission. "I'm perplexed and I can't even speculate how little sense that makes.''

The FBI confirmed the Tuesday night raid was part an investigation of business dealings in Arum's company, and was conducted as part of a probe with New York City police. Agents returned the computers Thursday, but reportedly kept about two years of financial files taken during the raid. A report in the New York Daily News quoted unnamed sources as saying the investigation had been ongoing for 20 months and included allegations the September fight between Mosley and De La Hoya was fixed.

Mosley won the fight, beating De La Hoya, who is promoted by Arum. "It's preposterous that Bob Arum, who has the golden boy who lays the golden eggs, would throw a fight against his own fighter,'' said Gary Shaw, who promotes Mosley. "This kind of absurd allegation tarnishes Sugar Shane Mosley's great victory."

Mosley made around $6 million for the fight, while De La Hoya made more than $20 million. The fight was sold out and did strong pay-per-view business, meaning Arum's company also made millions. Arum has promoted De La Hoya much of his career, matching him in his biggest -- and most profitable -- fights. Revenues from De La Hoya's fights were estimated to total some $500 million since he began fighting as a pro in 1992.
Shaw said no one from the FBI or law enforcement had contacted him, his fighter or his attorney. He said he talked to Richard Schaefer, De La Hoya's business manager, and he hadn't been contacted either. Schaefer did not immediately return a phone call for comment.


Teddy Atlas made an appearance on ESPN2 tonight at 11:30 PM EST with Brian Kenny and Max Kellerman for "Friday Night Fights" and claimed that from what he heard, the main fight in question in the investigation was a 2001 fight in Mexico between Verdell Smith and Jorge Paez. Atlas said that 'loud mouth' promoters in Mexico were telling people before the fight that Smith would lose in Round 3 and the fight, when it occurred, ended in round three. Atlas says he doesn't think Mosley/De La Hoya was fixed and is being used by the FBI as a public hook to catch more attention to the matter. Max Kellerman said that if the source that leaked information about the investigation into Bob Arum was lying about Mosley/De La Hoya being fixed that it would be "incredibly irresponsible."


You know when I watched the fight I thought something was missing, I dont know if DLH or Mosley were in on it but they didn't look that hungry for the win.

I remember Moseley's dad telling him before the last round -

"you got to knock him out if you want to win"

"you got to believe you can win"

"you got to believe"

who was arrested?

did you guys read the article? Marc Ratner makes the obvious point-why would Arum fix a fight against his own fighter, a fighter who, is the biggest non-heavyweight draw in boxing?


"did you guys read the article? Marc Ratner makes the obvious point-why would Arum fix a fight against his own fighter, a fighter who, is the biggest non-heavyweight draw in boxing?
buddie "

because there was money to be made betting on the underdog perhaps?

so you screw up some of Oscar's future earning potential and championship status to have him lose?

If the fight is fixed then it doesn't matter who the underdog is, you can dump as much money as you want into Oscar and he's a sure bet, a guaranteed investment. Plus, he has better future bouts on the horizon.


The new thing has been not to have the fighters to throw the fight, but the judges.Don King has been accused of this a number of times as has Arum. ODLH threw a fit after the fight and wanted an investigation. I saw the fight and IMO Oscar won handily, as he did against Trinidad, but the Judges went against him both times. Arum would throw a fight against Oscar if the money was there. Boxing has really gotten into a mess. I feel this is one reason in many states the Boxing Commissions are trying to strong arm MMA's shows. They are afraid of the competition.

arum would have the fight thrown so he could make a killing off ODLH-Mosley 3!! i also believe the judges were paid off.

Logic on this is not existant. Again, If the fight is fixed by paying off judges, then you pay them to give De la Hoya rounds and not Shane. This way Oscar still is champion, there is big money in a rubber match as each guy has won once, or Oscar can face other fighters. Its easier to sell a fighter to casual sports fans that has 1 loss than 2. You can say "well the Trinidad fight should have been a win" but now you have to say "well, he really beat Tito and the Shane fight was kind of fishy, oh but Whittaker probably beat him and Quartey was jobbed so he's really lost 2, but not the 2 he lost." uh...

boxing scoring is subjective. If judges were paid (I am not foolish enough to believe that it doesn't happen) they should be prosecuted. But its already been said this is a "hook" to get people interested in the scandal. That's pretty fucked up considering that Shane is taking the heat for it.

I disagree because ODLH's popularity is pretty much like Ali and like Ali, it transcends Boxing. Giving the fight to Mosely, someone much more controllable then Oscar, would be smart for a promoter. All of Oscar's losses have been contoversial and at least one of his wins, not so with Mosely except for the DLH fights. You are correct in the subjectivity of judging and there have certainly been worse decisions over the years. Louis-Walcott, the Robinson-Fulmer fight called a draw, Lewis-Holyfield called a draw and more then can be named here. Its obviously hurt Boxing.

It would make sense except that Arum isn't Mosley's promoter. Why would you rig a fight in favor of another promoter's fighter?

oscar has mentioned retirement many times and said after this fight he was done... so he was not potentially going to make him more money

See They have excellent writers on this.Gerbasi Story


It's not about the Oscar / Shane fight. It's centered around the Smith / Paez fight.

Hahaha you guys are crazy . That article proves nothing . Arum is a ex corporate lawyer and one of the better guys in boxing. They won`t find anything on him no matter how hard they look.