Arrogance Knows no Bounds

WOW!!!!! I just got done reading the thread about Manny Reyes vs. Shannon Ritch in a full contact Karate fight. This is incredible. I do not think that in my 26 years of life I have ever seen evidence of a person more arrogant than Manny Reyes seems to be. I have never met him....I have never spoken to him....and I want to say that he may not even be the person actually posting under his name, but if he is the one doing it- I am amazed. It seems to me that this "gentleman" has totally and utterly missed the point of martial arts. Shouldn't Mr. Reyes respect his opponents? Should he not have developed some self control through his traaining? It seems to me that this guy is one of the main reasons that our sport has been looked down on for so long. He seems to be portraying himself as a thug.....It makes me sad.

Manny Reyes Killed my friends cousins father and sucked out his brother souls and then like opened this gate to this other dimension and there was this guy named Goro and he had 4 arms.

I would agree with you Gator Man...but Reyes is not an MMA fighter...He is a Martial Artist. I would have thought that somewhere between breaking blocks of wood and practicing Kata that he would have learned to be respectful. I havent fought in 2 years, but if I could make the weight I would want to fight him to kick his ass. I have respect for people that step up and fight. I am not a member of the ATT gym, but I train with some of their guys, and I can tell you that NO ONE there is a no name pussy as Manny stated. He pisses me off and if it wouldnt be a step down for Hermes to brutally violate someone of Reyes's caliber, I would like to see him do it. Let Reyes earn his shot and then I would like to see him take his medicine...

Gator Man, not all, but most fighters respect each other. Even much of the stuff on TV is just for publisity.

I'll do it if it is MMA.........
Who the Fuck is Shanon anyways????

Never heard of him.........

How much will I be Paid?

Fucking Idiot you people want to set me up don't you? Moron I only Fight for Major Promotions not Mickey Mouse BULLSHIT like your Orlando Redneck Promotion or like AFC..........If you Pay me I'lll be there if not FUCK OFF!