Arstechnica on 360 vs PS3


Summation for the lazy: Hooking up both systems to a 1080p LCD, 360 through VGA and PS3 through HDMI, 360 has a slight graphical edge at the moment, PS3's lack of a hardware scaler sucks, 360's tiny hard drive sucks, Blu-Ray on PS3 and HD-DVD on 360 look identical.

This blew my mind...

"It also complicates things for Blu-ray playback since the PS3 can't show a Blu-ray movie in 720p."

Is that for real?????????

After being a PC gamer for so long...I don't think I can begin to deal with Sony's lack of online effort...that pretty much rules out PS3 for me.

I've never seen 1080p and 1080i comparisons....are there any?? Is it close?

From what I've read 1080p and 1080i look pretty much identical

With games you'll notice the difference between 1080p and 720p, but not with tv/movies.