Art Davie and Robert Lucarelli from UFC II Podcast

Lucarelli was on the receiving end of the most visually brutal early UFC finish. “Finish him!”

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I remember watching the Orlando Wiet fight as a teenager and thinking Lucarelli was literally getting killed in there. He was crawling around like a drunk on a frozen lake and Wiet dropped that elbow to the back of his neck. Jesus, it could have killed him or made him a vegetable. By coincidence, it was Wiet who went on to lose probably a more brutal fight later that night, also by elbows.

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They made Orlando out to be the Tong Po, the Sagat of Stand Up fighting, then a larger grappler came along in his Gi and used size and grappling to subdue the smaller striker. How could this be? How much did the size matter, how much was technique? I remember those days so clearly, it was a street fighter, Enter the Dragon scenario playing out for the first time to an American audience, and we all needed answers. I wish we had that era back, it was the wild west, gone forever, now morphed and evolved into modern mma, a competition to see which gymnast/athlete has the best martial arts background/talent.