Art of hockey fighting

no study, just a lifetime of kicking ass

I played hockey most of my life, even playing Division III.

I think hockey fighting being a martial art is about as realistic as tae-bo.

I was pretty tough, and my experience with martial arts may have helped.

But the biggest factor IMO in a hockey fight is balance. I had very good balance. I was smaller than most guys, but I was a heavy hitter because I learned how to use my balance and keep my center of gravity low.

That also helped whenever I got in a fight. My balance was much better than the people I fought, so I would give them a shove or a tug to unbalance them, then the fight was all mine.

But you really didn't do any damage with the cages on. Unless you unloaded some body shots.

Hockey fighting is pretty much what we now know as MMA "dirty boxing". Couture vs. Belfort looked like a hockey fight.

I love hockey fighting. My friends and I have a fun way of doing full contact hockey fighting when we play on the street that doesn't get anyone hurt. What we do is wear our helmets with the cages on and we drop one glove. With the hand that is now glove free we grab on to eachothers shirt/jerzey, and with the hand that is still gloved, we pound away on on eachothers cages.

"I would take my striking skills over any boxers."

Mmmmkaaaay...well then, it's settled....we need to get on the horn and tell all these professional fighters to drop the chumps they have training them now, and get you on board.

What the hell have they been thinking ALL this time...what has the boxing world been missing without you in the fighters' corners...Oh my goodness this is big folks...really big.

There's a new sheriff in town folks, and he goes by the name of "Jabbin'" Jim "Superhuman-man" Samsonite...

Dude...get real. You may be a good fighter, and tough to boot, but saying your skills are better than ANY boxer's is a pretty big call.

Forget boxing, PUCK-DO is where it's at!

Frosty, that was a funny fight. Winning by armbar, and gettin the crowd reved to let you go again, they do, and then he chokes the guy unconcious. I guess he went to sleep with the pride in not tapping :)

When are you gonna get in the ring again?


footing and leverage. The guys you fought aren't as used to being on the ice so were at a disadvantage. Try grappling a water polo goalie in the pool. He will drown your ass!

On the other hand, any fighting is good experience so you would have a huge advantage over those MAs that don't train with contact. Maybe even the dreaded Shou shu.

And finally, my favorite move comes from hockey fighting. after you've been rolling for a while and the belts are loosened up, if a guy shoots, I do a modified sprawl, grab the back of his gi and pull it up over his head and go to town! Thats always a crowd pleaser.

This brings up a similar situation to the gi/nogi debate and realism in fighting.

I've know some hockey players that were pretty tough in street fights. That being said, their strategy was single-sided, easy to recognize, and fairly easy to defend. Most tend to use their left hand to grab their opponent's jersey at his right shoulder. They then unleash with bombs with their own right hand, using the grip to control the distance and prevent the opponent from getting clean shots with his own right. Running into a lefty usually leads them into a war of attrition, and most are clueless against a guy who knows how to defend and/or takes off his shirt before the fight.

And as far as the ice/base thing goes, it translates poorly to the real world. I grew up ski racing and held a teaching pro's card. My balance on skis is so good that I can leave one ski at the bottom of the mountain and ski the entire day on one board, turning both ways on a single ski, even on expert trails. That being said, my balance on my feet grappling is mediocre at best.

Tough guys, yes. Versatile, or skilled against someone who recognizes their game? No...

LOL at a special that had Brasheer playing classical piano and writing poetry. He is a mean bastard on the ice! Also, I guarantee most people on this forum would not want to tangle with some of the enforcers, i knew some and they liked to brawl in real life too. Also, these guys are serious athletes, big naturally strong guys that can take a lot of pain. Give them some respect.


The Hanson brothers, now those were some tough hockey goons.

Jim Samsonite, who do you play for?

Dave "The Hammer" Shultz was probably one of the premier goons ever, as far as being intimidating, mean as hell and a good fighter..Dave Brown had his days but he was no Shultz

Dave "Tiger" Williams is without a doubt one of my all time favorite players, and an entertaining bugger.How many guys could lead the league in penalty minutes (well over 300) AND pop 35 goals the same season to boot!!! Plus the guy only weighed 188 pounds but would fight anyone.

BTW what's with guys named Dave being goons anyways?

Some hockey enforecers (Brasheer, Domi, etc...) are genuinely scary dudes on and off the ice and they have the police records to prove it. However, of course, compared to a professional fighter, they're just larger versions of the average street tough guy. But that's still pretty damned tough compared to the average shmuck.

Hockey fights make me laugh. Nothing but a bunch of tough-guy posturing. If those fools really wanted to fight, they wouldn't throw down their sticks and they would kick each other.


Ever notice how hockey fighters seem to be able to land 20 straight punches to each others faces without any real effect. A boxer would light them up with one punch! Plus, hockey fighters are all arm punches for the most part, that would explain the lack of any real power. You rarely ever see anyone get knocked out in a hockey fight.

I don't think even the toughest enforcer in the world could beat a top welterweight boxer in a street fight.

There is undeniable technique to hockey fighting. Martial art? Umm no.

But it would be a funny ESPN commercial to show Bob Probert as the serene sensei of a hockey fighting dojo.

Nope, Tony Twist would be the sensei. He whooped Probert everytime they fought.

I respect the fact that they have a "strategy" when they fight. That is better than most people who just wail away. Beyond that, they are just some tough MFers overall...