Art why Are You So Timid Now?

You used to argue with everyone. Now it seems like you've been castrated.

What is going on with you? Where is the great Art that used to join forces with OMA to smack people down? Phone Post 3.0

Art hasn't been the same since they've tightened up restrictions on steroids. He has no fire any more.

He's still here?

Art was the best. Shame Steve has put him on the shelf.

I heart Art.

I'm going to monitor this thread closely. Phone Post 3.0

Art is still around.  I think he stays were he's appreciated in the PWF.

I think someone threatened to expose him in real life and every since he ran to the wrestling forum.

Can't blame him. Phone Post 3.0

After it came out that he's a tranny he's just never been the same. It's weird though, everyone has been kind enough to call him a guy even after seeing that awful picture of a shampoo bottle hanging out of his vagina that he told us he uses for a penis. I don't see why he got so skittish about things. Phone Post 3.0

Lol wow Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

Art was the best heel on here. He really knew how to get under people's skin. He could get the most mellow laid back posters on here to flip out. He's the only one that's made MOTPH type out sentences that I can recall.

. Phone Post 3.0

Mookie is p4p worst poster here. Art? He is a legend. Phone Post 3.0

TryhardNobody - 

WTF is this from and what's the backstory on it?

Art vs Petey threads were legendary Phone Post 3.0

FartV is one of the patron saints of the OG. He knew when to bow out with what little dignity he had(not much. He was fartv, after all). Phone Post 3.0