arthritis and muay thai

10+ years of muay thai has wrecked my si joint,I was told I have arthritis of someone 10 years older.I was also told this was common for football players and wrestlers often have chronic neck pain,anybody else have problems from years of jarring motions?

Here.  I have severe pains daily from over 20 years of skateboarding and professional snowboarding.  My shit is wrecked; but whatever, I wouldn't change a thing.

how old are you?

I don't have any problems yet, but was told it's going to happen from a bad ankle break.

The PT suggested taking a glucosomine supplement; maybe that's why I've been lucky so far.

Almost 32.  Feel like 62.

I have both arthritis and a herniated disk in my lower back. Still train hard in MT. Probably will be problematic down the road.

I'll be 32 in september.Glucosamine/fish oil is a must for anybody with pains.

the trade off,jarring repetitive impact on your si.I've included yoga and still box/clinchwork but have decided there is no reason to kicj the banana bags for rounds,I'll kick when sparring,I know to do it.that I think does the most damage.I don't feel like hip replacement at 45.

genetics,injuries,luck.most of theme are fucked up too,they just work through it.

My doctor told me about 6 years ago that I have the feet of a 70 year old man.  I'll be 35 in two weeks.

Waking up in the morning is always good fun, LOL. 

How did you get 70 year old feet?

TKD, Kickboxing and Muay Thai.  I've broken both big toes a combined 11 times and I've broken my right foot twice.  I have arthritis and some bone spurs and calcium deposits built up too.  Years of training and pounding have done it. 

Yep, arthritis, bone spurs and torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder. I dislocate my SI joint about 3 times a year.

^^^^I can say first hand that FERA does have sum phucked up hoofs... =)

I have 3 ruptured discs in my lower back, and I'm presently limping around with broken big toes on both feet. 

well,like I said,yoga and glucosamine should be a given for everybody.also fish oil works well.My si acts up a few times a year and I can barely walk.acupuncture is incredible,ice and nsaids(ibuprofen).Also a low starch diet helps arthritis(no refined sugars e.g white bread,sugar etc.)

what is Si joint?

sacrum where the pelvis attaches basically the base of your spine.everything boils down to that.sacrum and the illiac crest sp?.most low back pain is attributed to it,deep in the buttocks like one leg is longer.

lower back, neck, left hip, left wrist all act up regularly. sad thing is, i've been training for quite awhile, but competing for just a year. i'm already thinking about dropping competition due to all the injuries. gloucosamine & fish oil help a little.

I agree that fish oil is very good and should be a part of any athlete's supplement list.

The Arsenal is one of the people who has helped me achieve my above mentioned ailments, he's a tough dude.  As well, I'm currently nursing a sprained wrist (taking forever to heal), and I have had shoulder and elbow surgeries and a broken left hand.  Next is surgery for my other elbow.  But like someone said above, I wouldn't change a thing.