To All,

I have FINALLY finished viewing the newest ROSS release: Arthrokinetics "The Science of Submission Fighting."

From the opening 'tongue-in-cheek' credits to the ass-whoopin' extrodinaire unleashed by the Master of Dwarf Gong-Fu this is NOT your average set of 'grappling tapes'. Scott and crew may not take themselves too seriously but they certainly take the material seriously and, let me tell you, YOU SHOULD TOO!!

Did you ever wish there was a school that could tell you how the body functions and offered a course to make you a 'professional operator'? ROSS is the school and this is one of the MUST attend courses.

The package is in three sections (So far). The first two tapes are absolutely outstanding and lay the foundation for all the material to follow. Tapes 3-5 focus on the lower limbs (hip, leg, ankle, and foot) and Tapes 6-7 focus on upper limbs (shoulder, elbow, wrist). The attention to detail is excellent. They really MUST be seen and studied to be appreciated.

This is the PERFECT package for anyone serious about developing joint manipulation skills and I have found it amplifies the knowledge available in every tape set currently on the market.

They're NOT to be missed,