Although I've had my order of Arthrokinetics over a week already, last night was my first chance to really watch it and got through the first tape, Somatic Engineering of Combat. Though I'm in no position to do a review anytime soon, I must say this is yet another excellent body of work, Scott. Though some may complain about your scientific explanations, I feel it helped me really understand visually what you've written about controlling intention, respiration and structure. I hope to one day get a chance to train with you as its rather obvious the quality of coach/trainer you are.



I'm on tape 4 of the series now. It has been a welcome distraction from the stress of my current situation and has helped me focus on something enjoyable.

As for dwarf gung fu, I wish I had such skill when I was once a dwarf...

Expect a real review within 2 weeks. Do you plan to supplement this series with the ROSS methodology of chokes? I know you mentioned that spine submissions will come later...

By the way, where do I get in line for my advance copy of the full Manifesto? :)