Arthur Abraham's brother arrested...

for kicking Miranda in the head while he was down.
From ESPN:

Abraham's brother arrested

After the fight, Alexander Abraham, the younger brother of Arthur, was arrested by Seminole police.

Alexander Abraham was part of his brother's entourage and allegedly jumped into the ring and kicked Miranda while he was being attended to by a ringside physician immediately after the fight.

Alexander Abraham was quickly taken into custody by police and removed from the building.

He was transferred to the Broward County Sheriff's Office, where he arrived at approximately 2:15 a.m. Sunday and was awaiting processing, according to Jacqueline Whitfield, the clerk on duty.

Alexander Abraham, 26, who lives with his brother in Berlin, Germany, is also a professional boxer. He is a junior middleweight with a record of 21-0-1 with 15 KOs.

Arthur Abraham could face a possible fine from the Florida State Athletic Commission for failure to control his team.

Wow, if this is true then I have ZERO respect for the man!


Yeah, not a cool move by brother abraham.

However, if any boxer in recent memory deserved to get kicked when he was down it's Miranda. Dirty fighter.

That's weird. Miranda was super calm and gave Abraham his props after the fight. If his brother had run in and kicked him I'd assume he'd be all fired up and pissed.

Head stomps in Boxing? The sport is making comeback

LOL....Nate Campbell who was ringside with his wife wanted to go in there and beat his ass.

Man this gets better and better. BOxingscene quoth:


There has been some controversy stirring over a incident that took place in the aftermath of Arthur Abraham's fourth-round knockout of Edison Miranda on Saturday night at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida.

Based on several ringside accounts, we reported last night that Alexander Abraham, Arthur's brother, ran into the ring and kicked Miranda while he was still down and being treated by the ringside physician. A brief scuffle took place with Randall Bailey, and others, being quickly restrained as they attempting to come to Miranda's aid.

Alexander, an undefeated junior middleweight, was later arrested by the Seminole Tribal Police and then turned over to the Broward County Sheriffs and taken to a local jail. The Broward County Sheriffs' office informed MaxBoxing/ that he was charged with "resisting officers/obstruction" and released on Sunday morning, around 11am, after bail was posted in the amount of $100.00 dollars.

Sauerland Event [Abraham's promoters] would issue a statement on Sunday afternoon, disputing the allegations against Alexander with respect to him kicking Miranda while he was down. They admitted that Alexander was taken into custody by police officers and released the next morning after the $100 dollar bail amount was posted. Sauerland did not reveal any details as to why Alexander was arrested or the sequence of events that led up to the arrest.

Alexander said the initial story was twisted, claiming that Miranda's entourage attacked him with chairs.

“I did not violently attack Miranda or any of his team,” said Alexander Abraham. “It was completely the other way around – our team was attacked by Miranda’s people with chairs.”

IBF/WBO/WBA lightweight champion Nate Campbell is furious that Alexander is denying the incident ever took place. Campbell was sitting ringside with his wife and several friends when he clearly saw Alexander jump in the ring and execute a kick at Miranda. He says the incident began when Alexander hit the ring and began to talk trash to Miranda while he was still down and being treated by the doctor.

"That is a lie [Alexander's side of the story]. That is a lie. Me and my wife were there and we were stunned. It was low class of him to run in the ring like and say anything to Miranda while he was down. If anyone should of been able to say something to Miranda, it should have been Arthur Abraham - he's the one who fought, not his brother. It was real bitch move," Campbell said.

"Me, my wife, Terry Trekas [promoter], we were all sitting ringside. I saw Alex kick at him. I don't know where the kick landed, but he did kick at him. If I was any closer, I would have beat him up. Miranda said some things before the fight, nobody is perfect. But what Alex did is very, very reprehensible. Randall Bailey tried to come out to his defense and so did his other cornermen. They were held back, but they allowed Alex to kick at Miranda. Edison Miranda has always given his best. Low blows happen. What Alex did to Miranda - he should go to jail for that."

There has been some discussion that Arthur may get hit with a fine in the amount of $100,000 for the incident with his brother. Some sources have told me, ESPN and other outlets, that a fine has already been issued by the Florida State Athletic Commission. Sauerland has denied this, stating that a fine was never issued to Arthur.

BoxingScene contacted the Florida State Athletic Commission on Sunday afternoon to clear up the details on the fine. Due to an "ongoing investigation" into the allegations, a spokesperson on behalf of the commission was unable to comment until the details have been sorted. Should Arthur receive a hefty fine for the actions of his brother? Campbell says yes.

"I'm a fight fan, I like fights. We as fighters, as champions, should be held accountable for the assholes we bring with us to the ring. I don't have a problem with Arthur. He did his job, but after doing your job and your corner does something like that, it's reprehensible," Campbell said.