Article Claims Counterterrorism Catastrophe

This is the first I've heard of this, and its pretty wild if true. There's a video embedded in the link. No wonder we've shut down embassies if this turns up to be true. I kinda thought that was an attempt to show that the NSA's "intelligence gathering" was a good thing.

I know its from the blaze and is extremely biased, but what news source CAN you trust? My answer is none of them, but is anyone else reporting this?

SIDE NOTE- Their national security adviser reminds me of Will Ferrell's brother in Stepbrothers.

Here's the link if a blue could be so kind:

If true, this is a slap in the face to the people who initially put these men in jail. All that work to have it just slither away. I suppose from an optimistic point of view, we did neutralize those guys for a short period of time. Our servicemen (and women) sacrifice so much to do what is needed and IMO, it is unacceptable to have their work just be squandered away.

Maybe military prisons are the only way to keep this from happening? I don't believe there is no inside information given to rebel forces in this situation. The flip side of the coin is that will just cause even more blow-back than already exists.

What a mess...

I was certainly hoping an outlet like the BBC was reporting this. Thank you very much. Phone Post 3.0

The first time ever I have remotely agreed with anything glen beck offered Phone Post

I know he does spew a lot of biased nonsense, but theblaze is the only one reporting this that I am aware of. No MSM even touching this makes me scratch my head. Phone Post 3.0

the jail breaks have been reported, specifically the one from abu grahib

" AQ is on the run,...decimated "- Obama

* Funds AQ in Syria/Libya/Yemen/Tunisia...*