article i found on juanito and rampage situation


 care to summarize for us lazy folk?

FCFBlazer -  care to summarize for us lazy folk?

Sure, don't waste your time

It basically is about Juanito's lawsuit that he filed against a bunch of internet publishers in regards to an interview that Punch Drunk Gamer published in September 2008 wherein Tito makes some statements about Ibarra that reflected negatively on the trainer. Juanito maintains that Ortiz's claims were false and slanderous, and he remains adamant that he has not conducted any improper business dealings.

Juanito is quoted in the article, and his statement basically boils down to him saying that everything Tito said about him in the PDG interview was false information, that he always puts his fighters' interests above his own, and that he treats them as family.

Quinton Jackson's financial advisor is also quoted in the article, as an excerpt from a statement he made on Ibarra's behalf to aid in the lawsuit. He basically says that there is and has never been any evidence of wrongdoing by Juanito.

It wraps up with a quote from Juanito's counsel, Samuel Smith, who says essentially that he and Ibarra appreciate Bloody Elbow's efforts to ensure that the information released to the public depicts a fair and accurate description of the events that have transpired in this situation, and that they are confident that the judicial system will come through for them in regards to the remaining defendants.

That may actually be longer than the article itself, actually.