Article: Mr. Blue rips Shamrock

This weeks article from Mr. Blue discusses his subtle feelings about Ken Shamrock and his upcoming fight at the TUF finale.

Link to "So you thought I hated Takanori Gomi? Huh!" by Mr. Blue:

Who is Mr. Blue, and why would he rip any fighter? Does he know more about fighting than Ken Shamrock, or any other fighter for that matter? While he discusses his subtle feelings about fighters, please tell him that no-one is discussing him or his article.

As always, the theory that someone has to be the best fighter in the world to give his opinion on fighting is ridiculous.

The concept that if you are a fighter, you are impervious to criticism or opinions from anyone else but other fighters is completely illogical.

Giving your opinion is one thing, but intentionally throwing in childish insults that he would not say to his face makes him a punk.

OilKing is correct.

There's no reason to be an ass.

You're certainly welcome to dislike the way he presents things, just don't ignore the facts because of that.

Putting together The Lion's Den is certainly something that he should be credited for, however that is another example of something he did outside of the ring. No one with any brains would say that Shamrock didn't have any accomplishments, it's simply a matter that the in ring acomplishments may not match up to the hype.

Well put, El Guapo.

Also, understanding fighting and having the writing skills to express that knowledge is a completely different thing from being a fighter.

Highlander- What does that have to do with what we are talking about?

El Guapo- Everyone has a right to say whatever they will about a fighter, but I will not respect a man who uses childish insults and disrespects people from a computer screen.

Highlander, I emailed you with the reasons before the thread was deleted. That you don't check email, or sing in with an unused account, but instead posted this seven times in other places (so far that I have found) is not necessary at all.

What will everyone's opinion of Shamrock be if he beats Franklin? Just curious.

We aren't going to go do a "well Ken's opponent was overrated" routine are we?

To be perfectly honest, if he beats Franklin I'll just be confused. I guess my problem is, how the hell did Franklin lose to Lyoto? I know fighters have bad nights, but seriously Lyoto looked very average to me against BJ. And yet he absolutely wrecked Franklin.

I'm quite intrigued with this matchup. Youth should win out, according to theory. I think I want Shamrock to win, because I like being confused. Not about serious stuff, I mean stupid stuff. Cuz this is pretty stupid, right? So that means it's okay for me to feel good about being confused. (sometimes making sense is just like bouncing a basketball).

Where the fuck is my helmet, anyway?

Nevermind, it's in the freezer. Later, guys.

"Gomi is a top five caliber lightweight who has become an overhyped can eater thanks to his tremendous crossover appeal with MMA's two untapped demographics, trannys and idiots who like balancing themselves on turnbuckles."

LOL Harsh. Yep the man doesn't like Gomi.

Alright, I was under the impression that Franklin was dominated by Lyoto the whole fight. He did get knocked out though, right?

I always respect fighters who don't mention their excuses for losing.

The problem with Shamrock is that he's that kind of athlete who’s captured the imagination of the general sporting public. It's a very rare thing to have a Michael Jordan... that athlete whose synonymous with the sport AND the best example of athlete in that sport.

Who’s the most popular soccer player in the world? Beckham. Who’s the best soccer player in the world? Beats the shit out of me, I hate soccer. But there's my point, Shamrock has probably never been the absolute best cage fighter, he was only ONE of the best. Regardless of this, he was and remains probably the best known fighter to the general public.

I understand why this drives the hard-core fan crazy, I still get the "Isn't cage fighting that thing that guy Shamrock does?" question from people when I talk about UFC. But that is exactly why Shamrock is one of the greatest friends the UFC has. He's a conduit to a larger audience; his persona and presence continue to convert new fans every time he's on the card.

Personally anyone who gets to that level, steps into the cage to entertain my punk ass, risking life and limb, automatically gets my respect. Anyone who promotes and builds the sport like K. Shamrock has gets my respect no question. I look at it this way, for all the people bagging on the guy, if they saw him in a bar would they but the guy a beer? I'd bet 95% would, and tell all their friends the next day about how cool it was to hang with the guy.

Live in Vegas is correct.

Anybody who doesn't sign their real name to an article is not a journalist.

Ditto just because someone publishes online.

Well said, Live in Vegas.

It's like the 22 immutable laws of marketing:

"It's better to be FIRST to market with the product than the BEST product."