I've been slowly updating my website and I put up two more exercises and finished my article for CST magazine.
Here's the article:

Go to my website and check out the exercises link for the two new updates (they're down on the left side of the homepage):
Also, the Mod. 1 DVD will be ready in about another week. I dropped off the master copy in DVD-RW format but they needed it in DVD-R format instead (not sure what the difference is). Anyway, the DVD will be ready in about one more week.

I'm also in the process of updating the Mod. 1 manual with the rep numbers for each exercise in each workout. I've gotten tons of requests from people who just want the book, the DVD, or just both (without the CD's and the jumprope) so I'm trying to accomodate as best I can.

Check out the article and updates and drop me a line if you have any questions or comments:

Train hard,



Great article!

As usual Scrapper's stuff rocks instead of looking for easier stuff to do he looks for something more sick and menacing. TT for scrapper.

Can't wait for the DVD !!!


Great stuff!


Scrapper, looking forward to the DVD and the updated manual.
I think I remember a thread where you said you would make a list
of the tracks on each CD of the mod. 1.
Are you going to include that anywhere?

Go here:SCRAPPER TRACKSLet me know if you need anything else. SCRAP

Scrap- Is it just going to be you on the DVD? Maybe put some women on there?

-have you tried W and M burger in Hawaii