Artie Lange's Beer League

Anyone else absolutely love this movie? Saw it on Encore for the first time, laughed my balls off. "You're embarrassed, I just got cockblocked from my mom!"

I love this movie.
I own the special edition.

"Primo who-ures"

"You want a side order of cock with that?" Haha.

"Softball is for girls, and faggots, and girl faggots like you." Phone Post

Yeah I thought it was alright. Phone Post 3.0

"We've been married for...years and you still won't tell me what happens at one bachelor party."

"Fuck off."

I dug it

Good movie

I laughed non stop... Artie brings the laughs.. Phone Post 3.0

I was pleasantly surprised with it. I remember being up at 2 am flipping through the channels and I saw this on. Wasn't expecting much because I saw the "karate kid" in it but it was funny. Phone Post

I saw it in the theater, I may have been the only one. I thought it was better than it did at the box office.

Great movie and Ralph Machio is apparently well hung...for someone who likes sides of cock with their breakfast.

I'm headed over to Amazon Prime right now to watch it again...

When I rented it when it first came out, I thought it sucked.

After watching it a couple of times, it's pretty damn funny.

"That order could get your married in Massachusetts"

"Wow, Maz has a huge cock"

"Now pitching, #1, Needledick"

"Black guy, get me some coke"

Loved it Phone Post

"If you put a helmet on that order it could join the village people."

-"You'll never guess why they call her pitching machine."

-"Because she shoots ping pong balls from her snatch?"

-"The name gives it away."

"And the crowd goes wild at Busch stadium."