Artist booked through August

I went in Saturday to talk to my guy about my next tattoo. We came up with a cool idea and he said I better schedule something now. The 1st appointment he had was September 7th. He said after Miami Ink and Inked started it's been crazy.

stupid thread IMO

Two weeks ago I tried to book an appointment with Corey Kruger and he isn't accepting new clients. So I asked when he will be and the girl told me that she had no idea because he has so many existing clients waiting to be finished.

I need buisness like that when I get back.

Nowadays there seems to be a trend in getting larger, mulii-session work. Not a whole lot of people getting small tattoos these days. At least around here.

I have 2 - 3 appointments booked per day until the end of June, and July is starting to get booked up too. I also have some regualars booking stuff for this fall. And those appointments are generally any where from 2 - 4 hours worth of work. I do save Saturdays for strictly walk-ins.

I agree a little bit with the Miami Ink being on tv has kind of opened people's eyes up to the fact that you can get a good artist to really customize something for you and take time to do things right. Luckily my clientle have always been patient and don't mind waiting.

The way I look at it...if there's that long of a wait, the artist has to be pretty good or there wouldn't be that many people wanting to get in. And you know, you have the rest of your life to get tattooed, so try not to worry about the wait =)

Yup - I have no problem with waiting, I was just surprised at how far out he's booked.

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"Two weeks ago I tried to book an appointment with Corey Kruger"

my boy is finishing up his sleeve from him...i tried to get in too and couldn't! sucks...actually the last two guys i tried to book with both told me they are not excepting new clients...