'Artistic' Swimmer Passes Out in Pool at Event


I stopped making fun of synchronized swimming when a friend of mine tried to teach me the most basic moves. Holy fuck this shit is hard. New found respect despite the ridiculous nose pegs and all.

Same for Water Polo. Have a friend who plays…shit is way harder than it looks, even if you think you’re a good swimmer. Takes crazy endurance

Sometimes when you hold your breath for to long amd come to the top you black out and sink back into the water. Shallow water blackout i think they call it


Oh Snap GIF by T-Pain

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I’ve had to get rescued twice. First time I was little, they had an inflatable obstacle course and the last bit I slipped off and went under, couldn’t get back up as I was underneath it and panicked and started taking in water. Lifeguard saw and saved me

Second time was in prep for the navy. Like a taster course, I had to tread water for about two minutes then do two lengths of the pool while in a boiler suit. Fuckers gave me a massive boiler suit tho, I started drowning about a minute in and got pulled to the side. They encouraged me to carry on so I did, then about halfway down the pool I started drowning again, and they pulled me out with a dog warden style pole.

Like I said it was a few months before I actually joined, my current boss helped me get better at swimming ahead of basic.

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I don’t know if anyone else here has experienced it but drowning sucks

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