Aruba TME

Going there for my thirtieth bday this fall with the wifey. Staying at the Aruba Mariott Stellaris. Any have to's? Is it an awesome location? Thanks bros Phone Post 3.0

Avoid dudes like Joran Van Der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers. Phone Post 3.0

472CKL - Find that Redneck girl Natalee Holloway.
How crazy would that be if I did find her? Thanks guys! Is the submarine day worth it? I'm going to look up the jeep tour right now Phone Post 3.0

I've heard from multiple sources that San Nicolas in Aruba has a red light district that deserves a visit. Apparently, the whores are dime pieces that for $100 bucks will spend an entire day with you.

Can any other OGers confirm this? Phone Post 3.0

Jamaica oooooo I want to take you
to Bermuda,

Cmon pretty momma,
Where I go montegro fuck around and get blow

We'll lay on the beach and get traaaaashed. Phone Post 3.0

I went about ten years ago and it was easily the best vacation spot I've ever been to. Definitely do the jeep tour and the submarine, both were amazing. The shopping was ok, the food delicious. This is all before Natalie got got though, but me and my girl walked around every night and never had even a hint of an uneasy feeling.

If you like snorkeling, you can't find a better place. The water was perfect and the sounds the parrot fish make when they're chomping on hard corals is unbelievable.

If I could, I'd move there. I loved it. Phone Post 3.0

Baby back is a snorkeling place after beach tour. I loved it. Think it got wiped out by storm, but back again? Was a cove.

I dig aruba.
Lighthouse has a great meal, but may have changed.

Don't get sucked into ?valentinos? 350 meal for 2, very forgettable.

Snorkel a shitload. Dump mixed veggies into water via small snack bags. Take bags w you out of water. Fish come RUNNING when carrots peas and corn are in water. Very fun. Phone Post 3.0