Arvloski fans=Simms fans.....

Even if Slyvia knocks him out clean and cold.You all will make some type of excuse or you will find one moment to make a big deal about.

Same behavior that happens when Simms fights.

Not sure who's going to win but I can't wait to see this match!!!!!!

while I think arlovski is pretty overrated, his fan base is not that of the sims fan base

I do think Sylvia will win but Arlovski is an exciting fighter. Fun to watch and I hope UFC keeps him around.

I am a big Arlovski fan. I think he's the underdog in this fight bigtime. Tim has a huge size and power advantage.

I dont expect Arlovski to win. If he does, I will be ecstatic!

If he loses, I'm still a big fan. I have a feeling that Sylvia is going to be on a warpath.

You should be shot in the face for comparing Arlovski fans to Simms fans like that. SHOT IN THE FACE

When people start posting threads that Arlovski can beat Fedor, then
that's getting carried away.

What's wrong with getting excited about this guy's next fight and
building him up? He is on a knockout streak and has shown some
exciting fights. When was the last time everybody actually looked
forward to a heavyweight fight in the UFC? Kimo vs Shamrock?

Arlovski deserves to have fans. Simms fans like seeing a guy with no wit being knocked out on a steady basis

the difference between arlovski fans and simms fans is that
arlovski fans are backing a future champion and simms fans are
backing a future gas pumper at the Shell station.


Actually, I think that if Arlovski loses you will see a big decline in the number of fans. Not me though. I will be a fan of his anyway. I think Sylvia takes it, but that does not mean I am not an Arlovski fan. It's gonna be a sad, and happy fight for me no matter which way it goes.

lol at Uncle. Riiiight.

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