Arvydas Sabonis fast break

Is there anything more graceful then an Arvydas Sabonis fast break down the middle? Splitting two defenders and finishing in spectacular fashion?

I was a sweat mopper at a Trail Blazer-Raptors game. BEfore the crowds filed in, Sabonis walked out alone to the floor to get some shots in before the game. A pissed off Vince Carter stepped to him and said, "Hey Sabonis, they tell me you got the best moves in the Association, but you gotta go through me first. They'll call you 'SaPHONIES' after I'm done with you PUNK!"

Sabonis rocked him with his icy Lithuanian stare. HE pointed to the basket. Carter hit a gorgeous "360 triple lutz through the legs rim rocker".

Sabonis smirked. The empty arena went dark. A single spotlight illuminated his chiseled frame . "I Believe I Can Fly" started to play over the speakers. Sabonis sprinted from half court. 30 seconds later he lept from the three point line and flew through the air till both his hands were firmly on the rim and the ball throuh the hoop. A gorgeous dunk from the 3 point line.

Vince walked off and Arvydas noticed me wiping up some sweat. He stood over me and simply said "You miss spot" and then something in Lithuanian. I felt so lucky to be the only man to witness the great duel between Vince Carter and Arvydas Sabonis!

nice. is this true?

Are you sure that wasn't Shaun Thingvold?

He's not my Vidas.

He's not your Vidas.



Second-best passing big man eva, after Vlade.

Arvydas is(was) the best passing big man ever.


sabonis had a 4 inch verticle. woulda been cool if he had come to the states while he was in his prime. he had serious game for a guy who couldn't move.

Arvydas came to the NBA 8-10 years too late to show his skills, IMO. He did well, but the Sabonis of '88 could have been a star.

Bill Walton says the two greatest players to have ever played the game are Michael Jordan and Arvydas Sabonis. I guess you have to take that for what it's worth.

Imagine if he would have came over when he was drafted.

Replace Duckworth with Sabonis in the late 80s and you have a few rings.

Somebody post these will ya?

Sabonis breaking backboard...

Nice pass...

Taking it to the hole on Shaq(from the 3 point line)...

Another nice pass...

Some Sabonis video clips...

Sabonis VS David Robinson(88 USA Team)!!!

In all honesty, Sabonis would have been better then Nowitski had he entered the league when he was drafted by the Blazers (in the mid 80's I think). The fact that he had such a decent career in the NBA at his advanced and injured age really makes you wonder what he could have done.

Sabonis is the best player ever to come out of Europe, shame we didn't get to see his true skills.

He was highly paid Europe. More than he would ever make playing in the NBA. He knew his market value.

cool thread, lots of good info on Arvydas