As a Nate Diaz fan...

I honestly think he deserved that. And I'm known around here as a Diaz nuthugger.

Complains about money, so he misses weight, forfeiting 20% of his purse. Skips the interview, gets fined 10k. Just absolute stupidity.

Then he comes to fight, and starts backing up from the get go, giving Dos Anjos the perfect kicking range. He has no gameplan at all going into the fight, and got embarrassed. I'm sure they'll cut him after this fight.

As a Nate Diaz fan, I feel like basically slapped his supporters in the face. Phone Post 3.0

Both the brothers and super frustrating to watch sometimes, but when they're on form they're great to watch.

Hopefully Nate can get his shit together and win some fights before his prime passes him by.

It wouldn't surprise me if they cut him and it seems like that's what he wants Phone Post 3.0