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 Starting this week, Cage Junkies is going to feature an article for the UG by the UG. It is going to post tomorrow. Here is the opening paragraph. 

"Here at Cage Junkies we want to be something other news sites aren’t, connected to the fans. In our continuing efforts to bring not just the news to our fans but bring casual fans to the hardcore, we are going to start a regular article straight from the underground. Of course I am talking about the UG forum where the fighters still post and the fans still talk about fights. Ok, I’ll be honest, there are trolls on every message board but anybody who knows anything about MMA knows there is one forum that shines above the rest, and that is the UG. It’s far from perfect but what we appreciate most about this site is that the founders post regularly and not only take pride but ownership in what takes place on their site. Other forums could learn a thing or two about how to run an internet forum. With that said, we will be highlighting threads each episode and giving our thoughts on the thread. Follow the links to check these threads out!"

Thank you all for supporting us! 

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 If you want a thread highlighted next week, shoot me a pm with the link and I will check it out!!

 Highlight the Squat-Tuck one=)


 ^^^ HAHA Cindy I thought about it but for the first article I wanted to try and keep it as PC as possible. But next week who knows!!! lol 


 That Lesnar romoshop thread deserves all kinds of love.

 awesome.. Thanks Standup

Cant wait to read the full article

CindyO -  Highlight the Squat-Tuck one=)


This one or maybe Skooters "Hey Hendo" thread!  =)


UGCTT_RickStorm -  awesome.. Thanks Standup

Cant wait to read the full article


Chris Power -  That Lesnar romoshop thread deserves all kinds of love.

X10000000 Phone Post

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