As much as this pains me

Rampage will retire after this lost.......sad Phone Post

I believe you're right. I kind of had that thought earlier to. We'll see, I guess.

doubt it


Love the guy but he's inconsistent. Still love to see a prime Rampage but that ain't happenin'.

ChokeEmOut - Losing to that bum Bader for sure means retirement. Fuck it!

I agree.

He made his millions and is now complacent. Fuckin pisses me off.

Coming in 6 lbs overweight is a good sign towards him.not giving a Fuck anymore Phone Post

To heavyweight!!!!

Rampage vs Pat Barry. Anyone? Anyone? Phone Post

that Hulk Hogan slam was awesome. his career is winding down. it has been an honor having him entertain me over the years.