As of today, do you think COVID was released accidentally or intentionally?

I thought this was largely dismissed at this point…by everyone…

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It was intentionally made and released from the lab. The part I am not sure of is if it was released on purpose or not. I do know Fauci should be hanged though with MANY others.


He clearly must have his head in the sand. Even the most ardent covidiots have at least acknowledged it came from a lab.

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The ship has sailed on covid originating in a ‘wet market.’ What I would like to understand is if it was an accident or intentional.

Without covid, Trump is president regardless of the Dem cheating.

Outside of a couple months China was seemingly unaffected by Covid. Is the virus engineered to not effect mongoloids? It is definitely more deadly to obese people which are endemic to the US which is another attack vector.

Either way, China has moved forward. The US under Biden has regressed (understatement). Covid has benefited China.

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I’ll call it an unintentional lab breech until I see something that convinces me otherwise. So far I have not seen that, but I am not naive enough to discredit it coming from a Communist regime.

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What I don’t understand… if Fauci and the US funded it–and I think it’s obvious that they were doing weapons research on foreign soil to get around American soil rules–then why are they pretending like they have NO information about it. Fauci and the WHO make it sound like we’ll never get to the bottom of it because China won’t talk. But if Fauci was paying the bills, wouldn’t he have had access to the research itself? Were we just developing weapons in China and relying on their goodwill to report the findings back to us?

China’s not talking. But the US isn’t either. We know a lot more than what we’re saying.


At this point I believe it was accidental but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was intentional. It doesn’t matter though because the cover up was intentional and imo that’s enough.



Why would our adversary do weapons research for us?

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Intentionally made accidentally released.


Why would Fauci give them money if they weren’t?

Intentional. China had two big problems. The protests in Hong Kong weren’t stopping & Trump was making them his bitch. This solved both.


You didn’t really answer my question.

Ahhh. I see.

Answer: because we’re paying them to.

(edit for spelling) Now then, my question: why would Fauci give them money if they weren’t?

Yeah, in the city that houses the lab…

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I anticipate the answer to be something like “well, Fauci could be giving them money for research that is strictly of a medical/medicinal nature”.

If you want to skip my first question, I’m happy to provide a second question to keep the conversation going: why would medical research require so much “Classified” and “Top Secret” handling? Why would Fauci try to language-lawyer his way out of admitting to gain of function research?

I suppose the answers to those are because he was told to avoid discussing the realities on the ground in China at all cost.

How does the medical director who is funding the research in Wuhan China know so little about the research that is happening in Wuhan China? That seems bizarre doesn’t it? How many 8-9 figure investments do you have that you know nothing about?

China is still an asshoe, but the US is also going to have a lot of explaining to do after this is all said and done.

Agreed. But he left a trail for the gain of function research. Stands to reason that his sloppy ass would leave a trail if he was responsible for the leak too. He’s not good at covering his tracks.