As the year comes to a close......

I wanted to give some public thanks to some guys at the gym.
(Portland sbg) I realize I have much to be thankful for this year,
both in my personal life and at the gym.

Matt Thornton for his tireless efforts and caring attitude on behalf
of us all. He sets a tone that echos out across all the gyms.

Jeff Wassom for his sence of humor and his wonderful way of
always looking at jits with a questioning and curious mind. Always
the beginner and never the expert. (In the best possible way)

Omar for his help and expertise. He will never fail to tell you the
"secrets" to countering the various ways he finds to choke you
into submission, and there are many. He has a wonderful giving
attitude that is infectous.

Carlos for his analytical eye in breaking down jits and making it
easier to understand.

Ken Allen for being such an inspiration. Ken's boundless energy
and work ethic are something to aspire to. He raises the level of
everyone around him.

I'm sure I'm leaving many people out, but I just wanted to thank a
few people publicly for helping to make our gym a great place to

Cane, I should be thanking you.

I am very grateful to all of our current staff at the Portland Gym. That includes you in a big way.

I feel like we have set a tone in the last Year or so at the Gym that has produced an environment for all our members that I am realy proud of. And a HUGE part of that is the teaching staff. So thanks Cane!

See you later in the Month.


You da man! By the way, if you got time on Fridays and Sundays, we got a little training time goin' on with Ken, John and Mike Miller. Love to see ya there!

Happy Holidays,


Good to hear from you. When do you guys meet? I'd like to try to make it in sometime.

6:00 PM on Fridays and 4:00 Pm on Sundays.

CANE WHAT'S UP MAN!!!!!!!!! i'm a comin to get'cha in March bro!!

That's cool. If you beat me up can I have a gold medal too?