Asexuality- does it exist?

Are there folks that are truly 100% asexual meaning they don’t desire nor enjoy any aspect of sex? Do you know any asexual

I don’t know. Maybe.

Super super low libido?

There’s stranger shit than that out there

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Sure yeah people born with issues with their sex organs, either undeveloped or damaged. It happens. They don’t have anything even close to normal levels of sex hormones.


Hmm I’m
Not sure if asexual people claim they are that way due to very low hormone levels though. Many claim they simply don’t feel sexual attraction to people, period.

I know one.

She’s 33 still hanging onto the V card. She had a couple boyfriend’s when she was way younger but never anything serious. Now, she hasn’t had a boyfriend in years, doesn’t date, and doesn’t seem at all interested in sex. I’ve never asked but I don’t think she even masturbates.


50% of married women.


Is she attractive? What’s interesting about asexuals is they seem to always be average or below average in looks. Not sure if there is any correlation there

She is above average for physical attractiveness, IMO. Pretty fun to hang out with as well. It’s not her looks or personality that is keeping her from getting laid. She’s just not interested in sex.

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My. Cousin Joey is 100000 asexual… Zero zero into sex and he’s 24…tried many times to show him porn and he doesn’t even bat an eye.

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Yeah they are real. Think about all the weird mental issues people have. Lots of wires can be crossed.

women during marriage

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Does he tell you he is asexual or is he just like that without announcing it? Does he have girlfriends? I cannot imagine any guys going through headache of maintaining a relationship with a woman if they have no desire to have sex with them

just didn’t want to do family pr0n

You WaHt? Tried to wAt?

Women after marriage

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My 69 year old wife is essentially asexual. But I told her she better pony up once in a while or else I go … regardless of the alimony and all that stuff. So, she’s sort of coerced to do it, likes it while we’re doing it and then returns to asexuality 5 minutes after her orgasm. Worse part is that she’s a reformed swinger - sexually it’s like she’s been replaced by a lame clone.

She’s grade A conspiritard too. I keep trying to find some connection that the anti-cabal crew are sexually free spirited and wild in bed. I need to somehow relate catholic priests are child molesters and by being against that, a person would be hyper sexually active with her husband.

good for you man. i mean you’re still fucking. i think i’ll probably give up that hobby by the time i hit that age. maybe i’m the asexual.

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He’s 100 percent autistic…not completely fucked up but on the spectrum.

It’s strange though, cause he’s mostly fine like to party and have fun, cracks funny jokes, but sex is just weird to him