Ashley Graham Baywatch Photo Shoot




Who dis?

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Aye she be a whale

Things I feel bad for -

1. Her swimsuit
2. That jetski

temujen - Things I feel bad for -

1. Her swimsuit
2. That jetski

3. My eyes

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Being "thick" without the airbrushing


Yeah that's simply nasty. Ugh.


TryhardNobody - 

"only 2 pizzas for me tonight please. I have a photoshoot tomorrow"

"...and hold the dozen wings, well make it a 1/2 dozen"

Mmmm.... I dunno.

If she JUST stepped out of the shower and got all prepped up..


I would annihilate to oblivion, frens. But I'm a big dude who would probably still be able to pick her up and fuck her.


That's the worst she will look ever. She's in the light of day. Toss her in a club with a some tight pants and prepped up and she'd have a line of the brothas waiting for a word.

What's wrong with you queers? You don't need high tide when you can slap that ass and ride those waves in.