Asia Pacific San Shou League

This notice is to announce the formation of APSL / Asia Pacific San Shou League. The league with Headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, will provide workshops, activities, competitions and rankings throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim including the West Coast USA. APSL will also facilitate Kickboxing, Shoot Boxing and MMA style training & events.

As of the date of this announcement we have support from California, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and Singapore.

APSL will kick off its inagural event here in Bangkok with a workshop and San Shou exchange/scrimmage at SMAC on Saturday May 29, 2004.

If you are interested in participating in APSL at any level, please contact Director: Mark Stewart.

Tel: (66) 06-773-9030

Is APSL interested in sending a team to 2004 World San Da Championships?

sure, there are organizations the suddenly pop up, and frankly I don't know these guys, but they are in Thailand, so they probably do fight :) Give them a chance before you jump to conclusons

What is TBA?

We will have individual fighters and a team at our first competition in Bangkok, tentatively in early November, 20004.

My individual fighters and team will represent my Gym not APSL.

I will check out the link for the World San Da Event!

Thank You
Mark Stewart

ttt for the APSL!

Awesome news. Another venue to promote the arts and to get guys(and gals) competing!

Keep the forum posted about events!


For those of u who dont know, besides his other credentials Markijkd fought the world Savate champion and has a shitload of kickboxing experience, he is very much legit.

Thanks Liam!

Please consider fighting in our first BK Competition in November... I will buy u a beer, win or lose...



Skepticism is my forte. Lets meet at my workshop on June 13 in LA!


I-JKD/APSL: Mark Stewart JKD & San Shou Workshops
Bangkok May 29

Taipei May 30

Los Angeles June 12-13

Klamazoo/Grand Rapids, MI June 19-20

Tokyo July 3-4

Singapore July 10-11

APSL/Asia Pacific San Shou League

The APSL was primarily created to promote sanctioned workshops and competitions in the Sport of San Shou (including Kickboxing & MMA) throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim, for individuals and private teams, outside of Government/National sponsored team events. Thus you do not have to live in the geographic location of the event to participate in the event. Nor do you have to represent a Nation to participate in the event.


All Fighters and Trainers must attend one APSL sponsored workshop and one competition per year to qualify for membership. All Affiliates must host at least one workshop and one competition per year.