Asian American Man Punched in Hate Crime Asks for Attacker to Get Restorative

I’d send him to jail, fuck him

Fuck that. No tolerance for violent scumbags.

Put him in a cell with some large gay dude.

Yes! The Asian guy should get to punch his offender!

Pussy city, pussy Asian guy, and a dirtbag lives another day.

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38 and randomly punching some dude… Gotta say, there’s 1 guy I probably have a better life than.

they eventually want to make violent crime or even robberies a light offense.
that’s where they are going with this stuff.
the message is you could get assaulted anytime and it will be taken lightly
this keeps people’s thoughts and actions in line.
a lot of street thugs and miscreants are now the brownshirts of the “corona elite”

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The answer is to concealed carry. That is the only way an unwarranted attack gets the death penalty.

The world is now like the ufc. Don’t leave it in the hands of judges. Carry and use if appropriate.

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i hope this eventually allows dueling to be legal.