Asian chick with Rampage

Not that hot and kind of fat. I figure Rampage would pull better tail than that from all of the Pride hottie ring girls.

Thank you for the detailed background luckypunch your knowledge of Rampage's lovelife is impressive.

You say to-ma-to, I say to-mah-to... Everyone has their own tastes. Speaking of taste, did you see that chick downing that sandwich? She had one hell of an appitite. She looked like she was storing that meaty goodness in her jowles for the winter. Damn!!!

Grady speaks the truth and is the final word on Japanese Asian hotties (except the ones with really bad teeth that he likes).

Hes already divorced? I thought he was just married?

I think the Pride Girls look like little children and are not very attractive....

Good Burrito!!

She was chomping down some sort of mystery food in a hurry...

PRIDE girls = Race Queens? I'd be afraid of STDs. o_O

"Only slightly used"


Well, according to Knoxville I'm like Mike and like little children...


And, how do they look after their makeup is washed off?

Like little children...

the lady with Rampage was very cute nothin hotter than beefy asian women....nothin

Not to sound hurting bbbbuuuttt... Maybe 'Page really likes her and wants a long-term relationship. Let the flaming begin.

I thought she was pretty fine.

"And, how do they look after their makeup is washed off?"

They are ugly African American looking girls. What did you expect?!

She looked good to me.

I thought Rampage was un-committed, and that he had a bunch of women, including some fat white trash freckled chicks that pay his rent.

He's a "playa", with alot of "dog" in him.