Asian men just don't scare me

I am not saying there are no ok Asian fighters but they just aren't intimidating at all. They all look like little kids and they don't look very 'tough'


Well Shang Tsung scares the fuck out of me!

How about Lo Pan from Big Trouble in LIttle China?


He looks rapey



Edit: ^my apologies, posted too late

dude from bloodsport?


Chong Li!!!


This guy scares me in a different way.

Was this really thread-worthy? Phone Post

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You're not thread worthy you stupid faggot

I ran into Yoshida years ago, in a hallway, I wasn't scared.
I took his girlfriend.

solidsnake - How about Lo Pan from Big Trouble in LIttle China?

but nate and little nicky scares you?

really? fake 209er?

why should a man scare you?


people are stupid as fuck.


asian men have traditionally been the most feared in the western world.

the yellow peril was a term created just to describe the fear of the asian man.

and rightfully so, your living standards and prestige are going down because of asia's rise to prominence.

dude i'm not talking about primitive i could kick your ass bullshit in a pub.

i'm talking about seriously, look at the trajectory of the world today? who is rising who is declining? ask yourself that and you'll better understand.