Ask a fighter any question what would it be?

If you could ask these super athletes any questions and have it answered, what would your question be? (Nick Diaz, GSP, The Spider, Royce Gracie.... or any athlete you'd like)

To Nick Diaz: How many triathlons do you typically attend in a single year and what place averagely do you finish?

edit - you may ask multiple questions/fighters~~

I'd ask GSP if I could take a picture w/ him. (No homo)

To GSP: What did Josh Koscheck whisper in your ear after your fight together the second time?

Dookieshoes - I'd ask GSP if I could take a picture w/ him. (No homo)

Aww haha, fair enough.

To Chael Sonnen: In the rematch with Silva you were doing an excellent job until you done the spinning back fist and tripped. How badly do you regret it? Do you believe you could still have Anderson's belt having a more safer approach/plan if a trilogy fight occurred?

Ask Vitor for a foot massage
Phone Post

If that had to answer truthfully I would ask either Anderson Silva or GSP if they use steroids. Not fighter bashing or accusing, that would just be my question. Their dominance over such a long period of time is remarkable and would like to be positive they aren't getting any extra help. Phone Post