Ask "Wildman" Denny your question

Thomas "Wildman" Denny will be doing a Live Video interview from the "WIildman's" Universal Training Center in Victorville, CA This interview will take place on Monday Dec 20, 2004

The Interview will be posted on

Krazy Mike-I will only be able to take a few of the questions, so I will take the best ones.

I will also be covering the Universal Training Center and what it does to give back to the community as so many of the fighters do.


does he have any crazy hairstyles in the works that haven't been done yet?


Two great Questions that will get ask

denny looked ko'd at the end of r1 in kotc revenge. ask him how out of it he was and if he recovered fully during the fight

Max Power I felt the same way as I was in Denny's corner taking pictures.

Those are two questions already on my list