Asking Cops The Same Silly Questions They Ask Us

I support law enforcement but this kinda funny


lol, you better get your boy!

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You got 5 minutes to get off this property now!

Lol! That was hilarious

That was pretty funny. Although generally those people filming are massive douchers and I disagree with fucking with people while they’re at work.

That said, I laughed.


I would never be such an asshole, but the reaction from the detective was hilarious. You know damned well, if this happened in the 90s or before, they would have beat the living shit out of him and charged him with assault on a LEO.

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Completely agree

This is older than the moon, but funny.

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lmao @ shut the hell up! That was hilarious and I hope the cop saw the humor later.


“Im asking the questions”

Thqt one got me. You could tell that pissed the cop off a bit too

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No one asked Sergeant Badass to investigate this asshole. The whole video is ridiculous.

That officer got got

Not going to lie, that’s funny

Also agree.

Most of those attention-whores are borderline retarded, but THAT was good shit.

I spit out my beer when he shouted “get your boy” to the other cop…

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That was actually pretty great. Took some balls to act the way he did at the end there.

You quit drinking on the job you hear me! you punk ass! LOL had to watch it again

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Yeah. Funny. Unnecessary? Yeah? Dickish? Sure. Hilarious? Oh yes.

He makes him look like an asshole for sure haha

Of course hes an asshole too but thats besides the point. Ridiculous reaction. Cop shouldve asked one question then fucked off.


Lololol lolol
Holy shit that was funny. I bet the uniformed cop thought it was funny.

Trolling cops in a fun y way for once. Approved.