Asking for your assistance

Chris, I hope you don't mind me posting this here.  Let me know if there is anything you can do to help us out, please.

Adam LaClair

There will be a fundraiser grappling tournament in Sudbury, Massachusetts on April 7th, being put on by Jason Hammell and the AGC.  Jason has offered to use this event to help my family out with our battle of the finances, while my wife is fighting against cancer.  We are in a very desperate situation financially, and an event like this could literally mean the difference of us not losing our house!!

Here is what Jason had to say on the Underground about this event:

"The support for the past few threads have been great, but more always helps. The Association of Grappling Competitors is holding a grappling tournament, Gi and no-Gi, with 40 divisions, including women, teen, kids, masters the whole nine, as well as 2 pro divisions that are open to anyone who thinks they are up for it. This will, in part, be raising money for two charities. The first is a legitimate npo whose donations are tax deductible, and is designed to help low income special needs athletes pay for there training. The second will be going to the LaClair family, particularly Adam's wife, who recently fell ill and needs some prayers and funds to pay for the heavy medical costs. For the family there will be a live auction, a 50/50 raffle and in addition, a percentage of the spectators, who are 10 per person, will be donated at the end of the show. If the show goes over our expectations on registration, i.e. over 250 fighters, Adam will be receiving a certain amount of money per fighter. There are several ways to help, none of which are tough, most of which are fun.

1. ttt this thread, that will get the word out more, that is so easy and could mean a lot. 2. Post your kind remarks and prayers for the Leclair family as well. They would appreciate that very much. 3. Send money to Adam. 4. Offer donations, equipment gift certificates etc. for our auction 5. Come fight at the tournament. Everyone on here grapples, and many of you have already been to the events venue. Dragon's liar was held in the cafeteria of this venue a few weeks ago. Fortunately for us we will have the gym. You guys like to compete, you like to role, so come out and fight and lets have our money go to something more constructive than just a promoter's bank account.

The show will be in MA on April 7th, and has many benefits that you do not see anywhere else: we guarantee 4 fights, no dead matt time, no over-lapping divisions, or canceling division, free hotel rooms the night before the show, 35 staff members, money to coaches who pre-register their teams, and much more. There are restrictions to some of these, so visit for more info and contact info.

The association of Grappling Competitors President Jason Hammel

ps we will be holding 5 more shows this year, all of which will be fundraisers for charity."

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Adam LaClair