Asking teammates to train rough?

How do you politely ask teammates to train rough, as opposed to training lightly? I'm trying to get better so I"d like my partners to bring their 'A' game.

I'm not trying to injure them nor be injured of course, but I feel my BJJ needs to be throttled at this point. Just wondering how to go about asking for the 'A' game is a polite manner.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Tell your partners that you need to train the weak points in your game. Have them take a dominant position on you...start from a bad position and tell them to try and submit you. Also, tell them if they could go hard for 2-3 minutes then that would be great...and when they get tired, don't start beating on them too hard, get someone else to come in and beat on you. Thank them for their time and effort, and compliment them on any little thing they did.


When training with them, whisper in their ear that you slept with their girlfriend. That should motivate them.=)

just explain to them that they are actually helping you by going rougher on you

Attempt an oil check...

i just tell em to bring the pain. ricco rodriguez once told me "you only fight as hard as you train". if you train half ass, your gonna compete half ass. train hard, fight hard.

LOL Glass Jaw, LMAO HOnkystyle, ahah , but just ask them instead of rolling at 50% or 75%, if thed wanna go 90% or 100% for like 5 mins =)

We do it like that also, and it works great!

Before we roll, we agree for

50% Light workout.

75% Heavy workout.

90% All out go, but no punches to the head/face.

100% All out go, but we like 3 minute rounds.

oh look, someone dropped something

take them on a few dates first...then create a supportive and open relationship where you can tell each other anything.

then you should begin by saying you think your relationship is missing something and you have a good idea how to spice up your training life. Then its time to smack some assssss!

I tell them like it is, if you hold back your hurting me in the end so KICK MY ASS!

good stuff! TTT

LOL... i like to keep training around 65%... sometimes I bump it up to 68-71% but my threshold is 74%.....

BTW, the same douche bags who want to train by percentages, go balls out as soon as u let them get position...

John: Dude lets go around 50% shoulders been hurting.

Dave: Ok... cool.

Dave lets John take his back, and john throws a HUGE crossface, then proceeds to choke dave the fuck out.... LOL.. anytime a douche bag brings in percentages i wupp their ass first....but I allways agree to the percentage

and 100 percent at 3 minute rounds in BJJ is trash... u wont learn anything, or get anywhere like that... U should go AT LEAST 7 minutes even with 90-100 percent.

Where I train we have to go 100 percent because our partners push us hard. You are either not pushing them enough or you are kicking thier ass. If it is the former then start going for it harder and harder, they will respond in kind if they are better than you. If they are unmotivated to train and you are competing, look elsewhere.

If you really want to improve, enter some tournaments.

No matter how hard you think you and your partners train, competition is always at another level.

"I want you to hit me"

I just tell the guy to try his best.

I think it depends on who you are training with. Some guys who don't want to get hurt reflect that in how they train, wheras other guys you know are going to come at you 100%.

Maybe do it through the trainer.