Assad gave Foley to ISIS

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One Big Question Surrounds The Murder Of US Journalist James Foley By ISIS


Following the grisly murder of an American journalist by extremist militants, one key question remains: How did ISIS abduct James Foley, who was widely considered to be in the custody of groups loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad?
In the words of Mic politics editor Stefan Becket: "The prevailing assumption was that Foley was being held by pro-Assad forces, or by the regime itself. How did he get from there to ISIS?"

The FBI believes an “organized gang" abducted Foley, who was working for GlobalPost, shortly after he left an internet café on Nov. 22, 2012.

In May 2013, GlobalPost President Philip Balboni released the following statement on behalf of himself and Foley’s parents: “We have obtained multiple independent reports from very credible confidential sources … that confirm our assessment that Jim is now being held by the Syrian government in a prison … under the control of the Syrian Air Force Intelligence service.

"[I]t is likely Jim is being held with one or more Western journalists," Balboni added, "including most likely at least one other American.”

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